04 February 2016


I'll be doing a set on Saturday 14th May for the PECKHAM RYE MUSIC FESTIVAL.

You can go directly to their website for EARLY BIRD TICKETS

...and you can read all about it on

02 February 2016

WNCL027 - Juno

"...House doesn't come purer than it does from Duncan..."

First review of the forthcoming JAMES DUNCAN EP for WNCL Recordings comes courtesy of JUNO PLUS

30 January 2016


James Duncan - producer of a flawless string of sublime House EP's for labels such as Real Soon and his own Le Systeme imprint; horns man for Metro Area, Morgan Geist and Lem Springstein (Mood II Swing) and currently on trumpet duties for Sal Principato (Liquid Liquid) - invites us to join him on a whistle stop tour through some of the subway stations in his neighbourhood for the first in a series of "Brooklyn Beats".

LABEL: WNCL Recordings
ARTIST: James Duncan
TITLE: Brooklyn Beats Vol. 1 EP
FORMAT: 12" vinyl / digital
RELEASE DATE: 18th March / 25th March

A1: Kingston-Throop Stop
A2: Nostrand Stop
B1: Franklin Stop
B2: Fulton Stop


28 January 2016

JUNO CHART - January 2016

Just squeezing in my latest selection before January is out.
Juno chart can be heard HERE.


1. IMYRMND "Tong Po" (Tartelet)
To describe this EP as merely "jazzy" or "twisted" would be to do it a diservice. Even though it is both of those things. Good, crazy House music from the ever reliable good and crazy Tartelet label


2. LOUIE VEGA feat. JOCELYN BROWN . You Are Everything (Vega)
This could have been recorded yesterday, today or tomorrow. Legends in the game presenting classic HOUSE music.


3. PEARSON SOUND . Thaw Cycle (Pearson Sound)
A fine display of 'typical' Pearson Sound ingredients - cold minimalism and melancholy - without stinting on the nasty funk. Ditto for the B side.


4. MOODTRAP . Make It Better (Lower East)
I'm not entirely show how the Gerd Rough Dub relates to the original track nor do I care. Hands down, it's the winning cut on this release.


5. EKKOHAUS . Corner People EP (Holic Trax)
Tucked away on the B side is a track called "New Tricks" and its got bells and stuff and drums that make you want to dance so that's the one I'm playing.


6. CHAOS IN THE CBD . Midnight In Peckham (Rhythm Section International)
First in a run of RS twelves that I picked up last year and inexplicably forgot to chart. Some pleasant sounds throughout this 4 track EP but it's "Observe", with its hint of vintage Strictly Rhythm, that gets the rewind,


7. FYI CHRIS . Back In The Millenium (Rhythm Section International)
Another one from the impeccable back catalogue of Peckham's finest. Like many, I've been opting to play the darker, jagged lead track from this EP


8. HENRY WU . Good Morning Peckham (Rhythm Section International)
A bumper 6 tracker with some varied styles on show. My money's on the broken rhythms of "Neezy (Wok)". Rhythm Section really did have quite the year in 2015.


9. MAX GRAEF . KSF (Kaese Shincken Floete) (Box Aus Holz)
Completely missed this on first release in 2013 so this handy re-press means that I now have some Max Graef magic dust in the bag.


10. JOSS MOOG . Lili's Theme (Robsoul)
Been trying to get this ever since it came out on 2014 and finally got my sweaty mitts on it. The title track is packed full of blissful soul - just perfect.


20 January 2016

27 December 2015

RINSE FM - SoundCloud

My cover stint on RINSE FM earlier today is now up on SoundCloud


BEST OF 2015 (Part 1)
APHEX TWIN . Diskhat All (Warp)
LOCAL ARTIST . Feelings (Rhythm Section)
MIKE HUCKABY . Circle (Soul Jazz)
DEGO & KAIDI . Backchat For Toprock (Sound Signature)
LADY BLACKTRONICA . Akua’s Heart (Meda Fury)
IN FLAGRANTI. Spiritus Rector (Set 1 / B1) (Codek)
T.ESSELLE . Garibaldi (Wholemeal Music)
ANDRES . Believin’ (La Vida)
JULIO BASHMORE . Knockin’ Boots (Broadwalk)
FOLD . Mr. W00d (Man Make Music)
SAM IRL . Free Two Grow (Jazz & Milk)
NIGHTDRIVERS . Resta Pure Dove Sei (Holic Trax)
2 BIT CREW . 03 (A1) (2 Bit Crew)
LIBERTAS . Song For The End Of The World (La Mission)
JAMES DUNCAN . Voices (The Playground)
ROSS FROM FRIENDS . Biz (Breaker Breaker)
EVAN BAGGS . Blossom (Cabaret)
GAZELLE TWIN . Belly Of The Beast (Tom Demac Remix) (Hype LTD)
SPATIAL . Primitives (Spatial Interpretation) (Broken20)
J.TIJN . Pick Your Battles v2 (Naked Naked)
STRANGER . Learning Curve (Self Reflektion)
YAPORIGAMI . Lunar Steps (Stray Landings)

WNCL024 . KEVIN McPHEE . TW (C.E.O Remix)
WNCL026 . J TIJN . Fat Controller
WNCL024 . KEVIN McPHEE . TW (West Norwood Cassette Library Remix)

TEDDY IRE . We Rule The Border (Harry Recordings)
BARRY BROWN . Land of the Living (Snowbird)
MIKE BROOKS . Night Raver (Archive Recordings)
TREVOR BYFIELD . Burning Bush (Fox Fire)
TREVOR BYFIELD . Burning Bush (Version) (Fox Fire)

BEST OF 2015 (Part 2)
HENRY WU . Neezy (Wok) (Rhythm Section International)
CHAOS IN THE CBD . Observe (Rhythm Section International)
FYI CHRIS . Back In The Millenium (Rhythm Section International)
AJUKAJA & ANDREVSKI . Mesilind (Levels)
FRITS WENTINK . Dwayne Young (Bobby Donny)
IMYRMIND . Tong Po (Tartelet)
ART OF TONES . The Rainbow Song (Local Talk)
SOUND STREAM . Sweep Magic (Sound Stream)

NEIL LANDSTRUMM & BILL YOUNGMAN . Gebucht Nach Wien (Feinwerk)
PLASTICMAN . The Lift (Road)
YOUNGSTAR . Dimension X (J Tijn Edit)
SURGEON . Klonk Part 1 (Dynamic Tension)
STUDIO GANGSTER . Step Off (Heatseeker Warheadz)
J. TIJN . Smudge (Unreleased)
MATT TDK . The Roller (Unreleased)
J SWEET . Gutter (Alias Remix) (Marxmen Dubs)

BEST OF 2015 (Part 3)
T.ESSELLE . Garibaldi (West Norwood Cassette Library Remix) (Wholemeal Music)
PHYSICAL THERAPY . Hit The Breaks (Bonus Breaks) (Liberation Technologies)
KASHAWAR . Nobody (Project London Raw)
2ndSUN . Lose Control (West Norwood Cassette Library Remix) (Youngbloods)
LUCA LOZANO . Outer Space (Super Rhythm Trax)
STL . Listen Up! Loop (Mutual Friend Recordings)
EKKOHAUS . New Tricks (Holic Trax)
MOOD TRAP . Make It Better (Gerd Rough Dub) (Lower East)
JC LAURENT . Hoax (Hidden)
MARQUIS HAWKES . When I Get Home (Houndstooth)

THE NECESSARIES . Like No Other (Sire)
MONTANA ORCHESTRA feat. GOODY GODY . It Looks Like Love (Instrumental Sept 1983) (Paul Simpson Mix) (Philly Sound Works)
GARI ROMALIS . Reach (Slow Town)
JAMES DUNCAN . Franklin Stop (forthcoming WNCL Recordings)

ETCH . The Scientists (Breakology) (Soundman Chronicles)

24 December 2015

RINSE FM - 27th Dec

Merry Christmas everyone!

If you're still able to crawl as far as the dial on your wireless after the big day this week, then tune in to RINSE FM on SUNDAY 27th DECEMBER (10am - 1pm), where I'll be covering for Josey Rebelle.

As well as taking you through my favourite vinyl releases of 2015, WNCL Recordings artists J. Tijn, Don Froth and James Duncan will each be turning in a 15 minute guest mix.

Hope you can join us

22 December 2015


Honest, reliable and diligent are not often words one would use to describe the often shark infested sea that is music publishing.  At least, not in my experience anyway.

BOXWORK MUSIC is a breath of fresh air and currently handling publishing duties for WNCL Recordings and West Norwood Cassette Library.

You can contact them HERE

19 December 2015

DAVID BOWIE - Blackstar

Alexis Petredis reviews the new David Bowie LP, Blackstar, in the Guardian.

The album features a new version of SUE (In A Season of Crime) and the article gives a passing mention to PLASTIC SOUL

08 December 2015

WNCL026 - RA

"...one of his most seductive releases..."

WNCL026 gets the 3.75/5 treatment on RESIDENT ADVISOR